Accommodation in derry

Derry is a beautiful walled City, steeped in history. When choosing accommodation in derry, it is important to be aware of the kinds of landmarks or attractions the party wishes to visit.

Extra information about accommodation in derry

There are also many recreational activities such as activity centres, golf courses, outdoor adventures, and, of course, walking in both forest and open countryside.

Those interested in walking the coastline, playing rounds of golf in the stunning surroundings, or paying a visit to the parks will want to choose a location that is out of town.

Others, who might want to embark on some bouts of retail therapy, in a city centre that manages to cater both to traditional and modern tastes, might wish to choose more central lodgings.

Central Accommodation in Derry

derry city centre is the backdrop for a wide variety of attractions, boasting several important museums, the famed Fountain Murals, not to mention the Peace Bridge.

St. Columb's Park is a wonderful oasis of green just outside the city centre, across the bridge from the hustle and bustle of the rest of Derry proper. It is great for kids, who will enjoy the trip over the water as well as the open space on the other side.

Whilst on the East side, it is worth taking time to visit the Loyalist Murals and Workhouse Museum, not to mention the Gobnascale City Panorama with a view across the river to the City looking North.

For the budget conscious, the Derry City Travelodge offers an exceptional location for the price: with access to the Park across the Peace Bridge and overlooking the Northern quarter of the City.

By a similar token, a little further out on the South side of the City, near the Gobnascale Panorama, the Everglades Hotel is a great location to access town and country alike.

Returning to the City centre, however, is the Bishop's Gate Hotel, right in the thick of things, near the Walls. For a lively traditional pub and masses of atmosphere, try the Maldron Hotel.

Countryside Accommodation in Derry

For those who plan to visit the countryside around Derry, such as the Iosas Centre, with its Celtic Prayer and Pilgrim Garden, or drive further out to the Fanad Lighthouse or Dunree Head, something more out of town might be in order.

Midway between Dunree Head and Derry lies the Inishowen Gateway Hotel, which comes with access to the golf course and has its own indoor pool!

Or, why not try the stylish Redcastle Hotel, again with its own golf course, and spa, sea views, and easy access by car to Derry (less than half an hour) and the airport only an hour away.

Within driving distance, there are also many interesting and beautiful places to visit, but for those without a car, perhaps on a city trip, there is still plenty to do.

Recommended starting points are the 17th Century City Walls, the various mural sites, the area around the River Foyle, and for those with historic interests: the Bloody Sunday Monument, and Free Derry Corner, both in the North West of the City.